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Since 1996, Henderson has worked with award-winning German company Berliner Seilfabrik to bring rope play to Canada. We selected Berliner as our partner in rope play for their long history of excellence. Berliner began producing steel cable in 1865 and soon gained world renown for their quality products. They use the same strict quality control standards to make the U-Rope cables used in our rope play components today.

Each cable climbing net is professionally designed for the 1.5 to 5 or 5 to 12 age group, providing age-appropriate challenge and excitement for a variety of settings, including schools and city parks.

Berliner’s innovative net climbers have children actively climbing, swinging and balancing the entire time they play, making cable climbing nets distinctly different from other types of commercial play equipment. And the wild and wonderful shapes of these climbers naturally lend themselves to imaginative play.

With first-class engineering and scrupulous attention to detail, Berliner climbing nets have a stellar safety record. And like all products sold by Henderson, Berliner nets are designed to meet or exceed the current CAN/CSA Z614, ASTM F1487 and CPSC standards. Because they are European in origin, Berliner nets are also certified to the EN 1176 standard.

Because Berliner manufactures its own steel-core cables, they can easily offer a wide range of sizes and colours perfectly suited to every application. For optimal grip, climbing ropes use four-stranded cables?the same design used in familiar fabric ropes. External rope strands are polyamide yarn, recognized for extreme strength, durability, abrasion resistance and colourfastness. Internal galvanized steel wires are compliant with EN 10264 and have a strength of 110 N/mm2.

Berliner play equipment uses a proven Framework system. All load-bearing elements are corrosion resistant. Tubes are zinc-epoxy treated and knots and straps for ropes and panels are made of naturally corrosion-resistant aluminum.


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