Designing Play Areas for Small Green Spaces

Designing Play Areas for Small Green Spaces

Designing Play Areas for Small Spaces: Inner City Playgrounds

Playgrounds and play spaces are an integral part of childhood, they provide a place to play, a place to learn and grow, and a place to make friends. Now, as cities grow more crowded and residential lot sizes shrink, there is, arguably, an even greater case to be made for the need for playgrounds, particularly small ones that can make the most of a tight space. Here are our best tips and tricks for creating playgrounds for small spaces. 

Go Vertical

The vertical orientation not only preserves space in a small park or schoolyard, but also allows for the layered arrangement of crawlspaces, as well as providing exercise to promote good health and development. The enclosed space encourages collaborative games and increases the ability for kids to learn harder lessons, such as how to share, how to wait ones turn, etc.


Integrate Freestanding Pieces 

These pieces allow more elements to be fitted into the small spaces, while still allowing for imaginative play. There are numerous freestanding pieces that can be used together to optimize your space. There are freestanding pieces of different shapes and sizes that provide hours of play time for all ages. Freestanding pieces incorporate more than just the regular swings and slides and give kids an area for play that is more independent and creative. 


Incorporate the Landscape

Incorporating the natural world around the playground is an amazing way to expand the space the kids have to play. Natural elements like wooden steppers mix into the surrounding areas and give a place for children to have fun and learn about the world they live. Matching the landscaping and natural elements of the playground around them gives the illusion of more play spaces to extend the playground. 


Utilize The Surfacing

Pour in place rubber can extend the use of your playground exponentially, by including a four-square board or a hopscotch design in the rubber so kids can play all year. These designs are also low cost, since they require nearly no other equipment. This allows for play to continue to be enriching while also making the most of limited space that you have. 

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