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Don’t Just Survive Winter

Don’t Just Survive Winter 

Prairie winters can be demanding with cold vehicles, slippery sidewalks and icy driving conditions. Getting active and enjoying the outdoors is the best way to survive and even enjoy the cold season in Canada. From frozen lakes and sloughs to our towns’ outdoor rinks, we gather on the ice to thrive in winter.

Not only is it fun, but skating is a great cardio activity. It gets the heart pumping, produces serotonin to fight off those winter blues and increases blood circulation which boosts the immune system. In short, skating outside in the winter is ah-mazingly good for us! According to a number of studies, including one by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, unstructured outdoor play is helpful in the management of attention-deficit and hyperactivity disorder, while other research has found that exposure to natural settings can contribute to children’s resilience and cognitive functioning.

The only snag is, hockey teams and figure skating clubs can leave the ice schedule pretty full. A great option for cities and towns to provide this healthy and fun activity is an outdoor rink. In some Saskatchewan cities, outdoor rinks are found every few blocks. Neighbourhood volunteers do the lion’s share of the work, from flooding to shoveling and repairing cracks.

1 Stop Playgrounds is based in Humboldt and along with playgrounds and splash parks, we also provide recreation and sport solutions. We are partnered with Canadian suppliers to bring all things recreation to our Saskatchewan customers.

Whether your community is looking for some new, durable rink boards or a new water source with an asphalt pad and boards, 1 Stop can help. If you are lucky enough to have a rink location with a change building and a water supply, you’re all set. However, if you need a water supply, weå can work with your municipality to arrange a deep curb stop.

While it can seem like winter will never end, we know it will. That’s why some communities opt to bring in portable skate park components so kids can enjoy the rink surface in summer months as well. Another great option is to install a pair of goose-neck basketball hoops just outside the rink boards.

Investing in a quality, easy-to-maintain outdoor rink means a greater quality of life and enjoyment for your residents. At 1 Stop Playgrounds, we provide both winter and summer recreation solutions and we are your Saskatchewan neighbour.