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For more than 15 years, Dynamo has been revolutionizing the playground industry with their cutting-edge rotational games, net climbing structures and the World Famous Biggo Flyer. All Dynamo products incorporate elements of movement, balance, exercise and teamwork while exceeding the requirements of today’s heightened safety concerns. It’s a new day in the public playground industry. Post, decks and plastics are no longer stimulating todays multi-sensory “Generation Next”. Cities and communities across the globe are demanding more play-value and Dynamo is delivering. Dynamo puts play-value before profits and is passionately focused on providing a unique play experience that can only be found with Dynamo playground equipment.


Dynamo believes that children deserve to play on quality equipment, that’s why they manufacture their products from the highest quality materials available. All Dynamo products feature Dynamo DX Technology that includes stainless steel, hand-finished aluminum connections, and the strongest ropes in the industry. Each rope features 6 woven nylon cords reinforced by 24 strands of galvanized steel for a total of 144 steel strands per rope! All rope connections are constructed with hand-finished aluminum balls crushed together with 75 tons of pressure for the ultimate in durability, and increased life span.


What would a playground be without fun? Today’s heightened safety standards almost spelled the end of fun; games like the merry-go-round were declared unsafe and were removed from parks. Dynamo has reinvented the games we all enjoyed playing on as children while ensuring the safety of their community. The merry-go-round has found its rebirth in the Apollo, Allegro and Astro lines; However, unlike the merry-go-round of the past, these revolutionary products include Dynamo DX Technology that limit their rotational speed, and utilizes Dynamo’s industry leading rope technology instead of hard metal, ultimately leading to safer playground equipment for your community. What about a swing that can be shared by 3 of your friends? The World Famous Biggo Flyer provides the fun of swinging for up to 4 people per seat, while maintaining safety standards by ensuring it has predictable motion and utilizes a protective rubber bumper.


Dynamo has always been on the cutting edge of playground technology. They were one of the pioneers of the roping industry in North America. Dynamo developed the multi-option basketball system. The new line of walking and trail bridges bring both form and function to any bridging need, whether it be from play area to play area, or crossing a highway or river with a Dynamo custom Pedestrian Bridge. Additionally, their fiberglass climbing boulders bring the majesty of the mountains to any playground. There is always more to come! Stay tuned in to Dynamoindustries.com.


Dynamo is committed to bringing quality products to communities everywhere. They are also committed to constantly innovating new and safer ways to play and maximize park space. “We are committed to ensuring that all of our playground equipment complies with CSA, ASTM, CPSC and TUV standards for playground equipment”, but most of all, Dynamo is committed to kids having fun! No community is complete without a Dynamo structure…Come and play for yourself.

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