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Spray Parks FAQ’s

Spray Park FAQ’s

Curious about a spray park in your community, but don’t know where to start?              Read on for answers to commonly asked questions!

Q: Why should we go with your company? 

A: Our spray park provider is an award-winning, female-owned amazing company based in British Columbia. We are very proud to represent WaterPlay!  We are headquartered in Saskatchewan so your purchase supports local families and the Canadian economy.

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Q: What extra costs will the town incur?  

A: The cost of bringing in a 2” waterline and a 4” sewer line within 5 meters of the pad, additional landscaping as needed

Q: How much power is used to operate the system? 

A: Almost none. The controller and solenoids are the only items that draw power; together they use much less power than a desktop computer.

Q: What is the rate the water flows through the features? 

A: The absolute max is 360L per minute – but it would never reach that.  The program in the controller can be set so that one or all or some of the features run at the same time. Water use is adjustable.

Q: What if we want to start small and upgrade later? 

A: Great idea! Our Playphase system means that you can install ground sprays now, then later add features to the flush mount system. It’s just as easy as bolting a new feature down.

Q: What does the annual maintenance consist of? 

A: Daily maintenance consists of making sure there is no broken glass or debris on the pad and that the water is flowing and draining correctly. Annual winterization requires one person for about four hours as well as an air compressor to blow out the system, much like an irrigation system. Spring start up is turning on the water and removing the winter plugs and installing the spray nozzles. We go over this procedure with operators after the spray park is complete.

Q: What is the typical life span of the features? 

A: The features are mostly powder coated stainless steel.  They should last 20-30 years at which time they could be repainted (if needed) or replaced by unbolting them from the playphase base and installing a new one. There is also some wear on parts in the features with moving parts.  These are mainly seals and o-rings, cost $10.00-$50.00. Other items that may need replacement are: Activator button (lifespan is 3-10 years, cost $300.00) and solenoid valves (3-10 years, cost $50.00). We’ve seen the occasional lightning strike that has fried the controller. Our controller is about $600.00 and would take a local electrician about 1 hour to install.  

Q:  What type of replacement schedule? 

A:  We’ve done some feature replacements on spray parks built in the 1980s. These replacements required cutting the concrete and removing the posts as they are cemented in the ground. Our playphase base eliminates this construction cost as the feature just unbolts from the base.

Q: Can you name any other towns that have installed a spray park and do not have a bathroom/change room facility?  

A: 80% of spray parks we’ve installed didn’t put a washroom in right away.

Q: How much do they cost? 

A: If you’d like an idea of budgets we can send you some examples; just give us a shout!


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