Fundraising Ideas for 2022

Fundraising Ideas for 2022

For many communities, the very first roadblock that they encounter is funding. Recreational equipment, especially good quality ones, can come with quite the price tag. The small communities, recreational boards, school boards, and bands often state that the funding is the first issue they run in to. It’s easy to choose colours, pick out elements and apparatuses, and decide on surfacing. All of those are fun decisions! To help your organization to overcome this major roadblock, here are some fundraising ideas. Don’t forget to click the button at the bottom to gain access to our printable version! This makes it easier to keep around and reference when needed. 

            Pancake Breakfast: Sell tickets in advance or at the door, and make sure to have the coffee pot on! This is a great way to get the wider community involved with your fundraiser and doesn’t take too much preplanning. All you need is a large area to hold the event, the food (of course), and a team to help with teardown.

            Online Auctions: Utilizing the online space makes fundraising less hands on, and nixes the need for physical space. Ask your community to donate things they no longer use, and local businesses to see if they would donate a basket. Then, using Facebook or your own website, sell this items auction style. Set a minimum bid for all things, and let the fun go from there! Set up an etransfer email address or PayPal account to get all the money sent there. A team to help keep an eye on the auction, and to keep track of who won what is all that’s needed to set this fundraiser up. 

            Bake Sales: Bake sales are the sweetest way to raise some money. Get the community involved, as well as your school’s home economics classes! Take payments electronically and maximize the number of sales. You could also sell a recipe book of the town’s recipes on the side as an extra stream of income. 

            Craft Sales: The one thing parents love more than anything is something their kid has made. Set up an art gallery! Put kids’ drawings, paintings, and crafts on the wall with small cards denoting who made it, what the piece is called, and the price. When things have sold, put a red dot on the card! This is a lovely way to get the community involved and give kids a mature experience. Denote the event as a formal one, and make sure you take lots of pictures! 

            Barbecue: Barbecues are a classic fundraiser and that’s because they work. Ask for volunteers to run the grill and you’re set! You can either charge per meal, or an entry fee and make it an event with a bouncy house, etc. 

            Paint Night: There’s a reason why paint nights are so popular! They are a great way for the adults of your community to come together and have a night of laughter and wine (or grape juice)! You could join this fundraiser with the craft sale, and sell the paintings made! 

            Car Wash: Again, a tried-and-true method of fundraising. Everyone loves a clean car! Kids love the bubbles and water, and with most people owning at least one car, there’s sure to be enough work to do!

            Sports/Dodgeball Tournament: One thing that most people have in common is a competitive aspect. Gather people together and have a tournament in a sport! Hockey, volleyball, football all work, but dodgeball might be the best. Everyone loves dodgeball, knows how to play, and the game is easily modified for all abilities. You also need next to no equipment. Set up a food concession, choose a theme, and run contests (best outfit for example!). Charge a team registration fee and recruit people to help set up and teardown.