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Graffiti Be Gone

Graffiti Be Gone 

So many volunteer hours go into a new play structure or spray park. We know how hard communities work for these projects, and we want to make sure graffiti doesn’t get in the way of play!

We sell quality, Canadian-made products protected with a powder-coat paint finish and UV protection. This doesn’t stop graffiti artists, but it does make removal easier and let your little ones get back to playing more quickly.

Whether your community or school playground is a 1 Stop project or not, read on to find out the best ways to deal with tagged equipment.

  • Record – take a photo of the graffiti to help with any criminal investigations.
  • Report – call or report online. The police services of Regina and Saskatoon have dedicated graffiti phone lines, or if you’re in a smaller town or city you can let the police or RCMP know.
  • Remove – we recommend going to your hardware store and asking for ‘Graffiti Remover.’ It is a biodegradable, non-toxic and safe alternative to hazardous paint removers, and can remove a variety of paints and markers from most surfaces.
  • Repair – if the graffiti remover doesn’t totally remove the markings, call your playground manufacturer, or if it’s a 1 Stop Playgrounds project – Call Us for matching paint.