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Cross Ice Dividers

Get on board!

Tired of constant stoppages in play? All done with kids doing the superman-slide into the foam padding? It is time to  take your early-years hockey to a new level with the Riley R-Cross Rink Divider!

We partnered with the Canadian company Riley Manufacturing to bring this amazing product to our customers. The R-Cross Rink Divider offers more durability, stability, ease of use and flexibility than the competitor.

Board specs:

Height: 40″ (flush with standard dasher board systems)

Width: 3″. Wider boards are sturdy and stand up to contact. (Competitors’ have 2″ boards that can buckle on impact.)

Connection points: solid aluminum dowels are welded directly into the frame. Tougher than hollow tubes used by competitors.

Player Gate Width: 30″ gate handles more traffic than the smaller gates found on competitors’ products.

Cross Ice Rink Divider