How To Select The Appropriate Playground Equipment in Saskatchewan

How To Select The Appropriate Playground Equipment in Saskatchewan

Outdoor playtime is a very important aspect of every child’s physical and mental health and development. This makes it necessary to choose the right kind of playground equipment in Saskatchewan.

When any of this equipment is being installed, you need to focus on making sure that it encourages children to be active. It’s also necessary to have designs that will accommodate children with special needs. Whether you want playground equipment in Saskatchewan for a new space or need to replace worn and dated equipment, we at 1Stop Playgrounds Ltd. can provide you the solutions you need.

Our team of experts will provide you all the information you need about the different types of equipment available.

Aspects To Consider

However, we also encourage clients to conduct some basic research about which products are available on the market and which aspects they need to keep in view in order to select the appropriate playground equipment in Saskatchewan, such as:

  • Safety should be the priority and you need to make sure that the equipment is safe.
  • The playground needs to be in compliance with local guidelines and needs to be easily accessible to differently-abled children as well.
  • Make sure that the company you approach conducts a playground audit & a detailed needs assessment.
  • The overall playground layout and the actual size of the space for playing will have bearing on the size and type of playground equipment in Saskatchewan you opt for.
  • If you have some existing equipment, that would need to be evaluated as well. When you hire us for the job, our team will inspect the available equipment and determine which sections or pieces need to be replaced.
  • Understand exactly how popular the existing playground equipment is with the children. This will help you determine which new equipment you need to order.
  • Discuss your budget with our team and they will provide suitable solutions that will fit into that budget. It’s important that you factor in new surfacing costs, storage fees, freight charges, site preparation etc. Our experts will work closely with you to make sure that you have a complete idea about all the possible costs involved in the project.
  • If you are working on a limited budget, we recommend that you consider getting the project done in stages. This allows you to work within your budget with no compromise on quality.  

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