Installation Options

To be able to work within almost any budget, we offer three distinct installation types. Read more about them here!


Supervised installs are the most budget friendly option for installing your playground or spray park project. One of our Certified Playground Installers comes and helps guide your community through the building process. This allows for some awesome community building, an event to host fundraisers, as well as a lovely day out in the sun. This install type requires volunteers from the community, who work with someone from our team to build and install the playground!


The installation is done by us! We come to your community with our team and build and install all elements of the playground. A full install requires the area to be ready before our team arrives, and this includes line locates and excavation. We do not offer these services as part of a full install. As for surfacing, with a full install we will order wood chips and rubber, as they both need to be ordered direct from the supplier. Rubber surfacing also needs to be installed by the supplier.


Sit back and kick your feet up. During the Turnkey installation, everything is done by us including line locates, all surfacing, excavation, building, installing, etc. This installation option is the easiest for you, but is at the top end of our pricing structure.