Landscape Architect

homerightOur landscaping team of Saskatchewan, Canada has a simple design philosophy to create beautiful spaces based on our client’s specific requirements and preferences that are supported by natural systems. 1 Stop Play achieves this by evaluating the natural and built systems affecting the site then establishes circulation patterns, areas for desired activities, and areas for environmental functions. The resulting site layout is then complimented with plant selections responsive to micro climates, surface drainage, and sun patterns.

Our playground and recreation company works will all the playground, amenity and surfacing names you know and trust. Consistently, all of our equipment providers offer the most comprehensive safety features and warranty programs available industry-wide. In addition to recreational equipment, playground equipment and site amenities, 1 Stop Playgrounds offers a full range of surfacing options to meet your playground needs. Email or call today to speak with one of our Saskatchewan sales representatives and schedule your free on-site consultation. We look forward to working with you!

We think this shows the quality of workmanship and dedication we have for our customers. We do not just sell and install our products. We take every effort to ensure our customers understand the processes, costs of ownership, and any other detail that is essential to an end result that we are all happy with. We also take the time to follow up on our projects to make sure everything is performing the way they expected and let them know that we are here if any concerns do arise.

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