1 Stop Playgrounds and Henderson Recreation

Our company started with outdoor playground equipment, and we are delighted to still be providing them to Saskatchewan! We are partnered with manufacturer Henderson Recreation to design, build, and install the coolest playground equipment that Saskatchewan residents can dream of. From your traditional swings and slides, to brand new spinners and climbers, we can find something that fits your needs. We also work with Berliner to provide the best in rope play advances, leading to a whole new way to play. Together, these three companies can build the most unique play structures for your community.

We have been working on playgrounds forever, so don’t worry if you’re experiencing budgetary or size limitations! Chances are, we have worked within those limitations before. If not, we will work hard to come up with a solution for you! There should be no barriers to play. This also includes play for older kids. We have built playgrounds that are suitable for everyone ages 2-99. Nobody is too old for a day at the playground!

Inclusive playgrounds are becoming more and more popular (as they should be!) and we are so happy to be able to offer completely inclusive playgrounds so that everyone can play. Rubber surfacing with Shermco and accessible elements work together to break down barriers. We can offer different options depending on space and budget, from completely accessible, accessible options throughout, or adding on accessibilities to your already completed project. We’ve put together some information on designing and building accessible playgrounds here.

Benefits of Playgrounds

We talk a lot about how playgrounds benefit communities and kids, but here we are, putting our money where our mouths are. In the 21st century, with our hurried and nonstop family lifestyles, there are so many different temptations that can lure kids away from play. Television, computer games, and smartphones all aim to capture a significant portion of kids’ attention. Advertisers and retailers are increasingly reaching out to younger and younger kids in an effort to convince them or their parents to buy new electronic products. In this push for kids to have more and more screen time, we’re neglecting one of the most important elements of their development: time to play. Playgrounds offer a unique set of items that allow kids to play and learn in many different ways. When kids on a playground climb a ladder or swing from monkey bars, it provides a challenge for them. They’re not necessarily easy tasks. But when a child overcomes them, as they swing the entire length of the bars, it gives them a sense of self-esteem and confidence. Whether they’re playing alone or in a group, play provides kids with the confidence to interact with others or play on their own. Imagination allows kids to overcome reality in ways that encourage them to deal with scary feelings. With older kids, free play can help them develop essential life skills like humor, tolerance, and spontaneity. Perhaps most important of all, they learn to develop patience. Sometimes on the playground, you must wait your turn, and that means learning how to deal with frustration and occasional boredom.

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