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Our company started with outdoor playground equipment, and we are delighted to still be providing them to Saskatchewan! We supply traditional swings & slides, brand new spinners & climbers. We can find something that fits your needs & budget.

Benefits of Playgrounds

Television, computer games, & smartphones all aim to capture a significant portion of kids’ attention.  Playgrounds offer a unique set of items that allow kids to play and learn in many different ways.


Gross motor development

Learning New Skills


Confidence building 

Climbing Ladders
Swinging from Monkey Bars
Making New Friends by Interacting with Others


Essential life skills 


Our Products

We have been working with Henderson Recreation Equipment since 2009.  Henderson is commercial playground equipment manufacturer that is based in Simcoe Ontario. They have been manufacturing playground equipment for 50 years! Their vast experience in designing and building playgrounds helps us make your playground dreams come true. Nature themed,  wheelchair accessible or even Viking themed!  Check out Henderson Recreation’s catalog in the link below.

Contact us!  We will pick your brain for all the details and even schedule a site visit.  We find it very beneficial to see the proposed area for the playground.  It helps us determine the best configuration of the playground while adhering to the CSA standards.

Our Projects

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Check our map of all our Playground locations!