Raymore, SK

Raymore, SK

Raymore Community Playground

Raymore, Saskatchewan

This playground has a little bit of everything making it a fun place to play for all ages. This zipline from Berliner was our first one installed in Saskatchewan and it sure is a hit for all!!

Special components include: This park boasts many great structures as well as independent pieces which include a 100′ Zipline, Palmetto Bowl Swing, Sand Digger and many independent play structures such as Wally the Whale, a Motorcycle, Retro Rocker, a Canoe, a Bulldozer, Rock-A-Round and a Lucky Clover. 

Recommended Ages: 2-5 years, 5 – 12 years
Area Required: 116′ X 72′
Price Range: ($$$$)
Accessible: No

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