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Skate Parks

Skate Parks

Our skate parks provide lasting benefit to the community.  A well-built skate park is a low maintenance investment and provides youth with an opportunity to engage in a sport/pastime with very little cost. 

We Design & Install

We design and build concrete skate parks. Our design team assesses the needs of the community, making sure that the park is designed with the users in mind.  Parks in smaller communities are often used by scooters, BMX and skateboards.  Details in our design allow the park to be used by all without damaging the park.

Skate Park Benefits


Community Spaces 

Making friends

Making Memories

Developing a sense of community



Physical Activity

Outside activity

Learning new skills

Safe space for trying new things



In Your Community 

More attractive to newcomers

Creating new jobs

Creating new business  



Ne-He-Thow Skate Park Montreal Lake Cree Nation