Making Sure Your Playground is Spring Ready! How to Spring-ify your Playground

Making Sure Your Playground is Spring Ready! How to Spring-ify your Playground

While we have yet to experience any real spring weather in Saskatchewan, now is a perfect time to get your organizations’ playground ready for the season. There are a few things we recommend for ensuring that your playground is safe, clean, and well maintained for the wet season we have to come.

Spring Maintenance

Every park, school, and recreation department should have a maintenance schedule in place for their playground equipment. Checking for safety surfacing levels, loose hardware, evidence of vandalism, and any other items that could pose a safety threat to children when using the playground equipment.

Cleaning Habits

Cleaning your equipment is a great way to get the playground ready for spring. After months of snow and sleet, a good wipe down is always called for. Tackle any dirt or dust that is visible and remove built up snow from under platforms or ramps. Disinfecting your playground equipment removes germs that can cause illness and helps to keep kids extra safe. Removing left over snow from places where the sun won’t melt it prevents ice from forming and chips from coming off and injuring anyone. Removing snow also prevents excess puddles from forming, reducing the risk of rusting for older equipment.

Surfacing Check Ins

When inspecting your playground for spring, make sure you pay extra attention to the surface the equipment is on and that surrounds it. Due to the freezing winter weather, depending on what your surfacing is, there may be some maintenance that has to be done to ensure safety. Removing built up snow and ice, draining puddles, and removing tree roots or anything that children can trip on is a great place to start. Depending on your climate, rubber surfacing can become hard over time. It’s recommended that those who live in a dry, cold climate check in every few years to see if their playground should be topped off with a fresh layer of rubber to keep everyone safe.

Over time, wood chips can become flattened and packed down with use. This can also happen due to heavy amounts of snow and ice. Raking the play surface at the beginning of spring weather makes for a softer, looser landing spot. If your playground surfacing is made up of sand, take the time to remove any items that might have become embedded over the wintertime. Loose mittens, winter boots, snow shovels, etc. can all get pushed into the sand and cause a hazard, especially for tripping.

Keeping Kids Safe

Playgrounds bring so much joy to children and adults alike! Taking a few extra minutes to complete maintenance tasks ensure that the play can continue for years to come. Check out and download our playground maintenance checklist by clicking here! (opens in new window, hit file, and export as a PDF!)