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St. Augustine School Playground

Humboldt, Saskatchewan

This school playground has two structures, one geared towards Ages 5-12 and the other geared towards the younger grades. There is a sitting area beside the playground is complete with tables, benches, buddy bench and garbage receptacles. Play a game of tetherball, soccer or just swing the recess away! 

Special components age 2-5 include: Twister slide, 4′ Ridge Rock, Compact Design

Special components age 5-12  include: Tri-Spinner, Hourglass Spinner, Tippy Bridge, Rack Ride, Tidal Wave, Space Walk

Special components of Park Design: Tetherball, Soccer Goals, 4 Bay Swing Set, Palmetto Saucer, Sit Down Conversation Area with tables, Benches and Garbage Receptacles

Area Required: 36′ X 36′ + 57′ X 42′



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