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St. Dominic School Playground

St. Dominic School Playground

Humboldt, Saskatchewan

“We were so pleased with the support and service that 1 Stop Playgrounds has provided for us! They were very informative and reliable and it’s so fantastic that this business is local and so community minded! We are so happy with the final result and the students are thrilled with all of the new playground structures!”

-Humboldt St. Dominic School Playground Committee

With focus on the older students in mind, the St. Dominic Playground Committee decided to put their hard-earned fundraising money towards a larger-than-life Berliner climbing structure and multiple swing sets. This large space ball towers over the space at 14′ 9″ tall. One look at the playground at recess, and you will see that their decision was a correct one. Not an empty space to be found!

Thinking outside the box, an outdoor classroom was also designed and executed. This classroom can be used by any teacher who would like their students to enjoy the fresh air and it also holds the yearly end of school mass for all the students and teachers.

Special components include: TBA

Area Required: 30′ X 30′ (spaceball) + 59′ X 37′ (Swingset)


St. Dominic Install

St. Dominic Completed Project