Winter Outdoor Play Ideas for Cold Saskatchewan Winter Days

Winter Outdoor Play Ideas for Cold Saskatchewan Winter Days

Saskatchewan Winter Games: Activities for the Littles to do Outside

All Saskatchewan parents know the feeling, the leaves start to turn, the wind gets chilly, and the kids have to start bundling up. One of the best parts of childhood is playing outside, but with snow everywhere, what are the kids to do? We have put together some ideas for kids to play outside even in the coldest weather. These ideas do not take a lot of preparing and can be done without much investment and preplanning. The play ideas not only stimulate creativity but also allow kids to explore their environments in a healthy way.

The Best Saskatchewan Winter Games for Kids


Snow Shoveling

Toddlers love to help out and to imitate us. Kids sized snow shovels can be found on Amazon, at Canadian Tire, and Walmart. This allows kids to feel like they are helping and strengthens hand eye coordination. This also keeps the little ones close, so no bumps or bruises will be acquired!


Go Sledding!

Sledding is a great activity for the whole family. Not only is it a workout and will help tire the kids out, it’s also so much fun. Don’t have any huge hills around your house? No problem! The littles should be on smaller hills as it is.

Snow Painting

Freshly fallen snow makes the best canvas, all fluffy and white. This idea takes a little bit more prep, but only requires a watering can, spray bottle, or a pop bottle with a hole poked in the lid, and some coloured water. The slower the water empties from the container, the longer the activity will last! Just add a drop or two of food colouring to the water, and let the kids go wild!

Along the same lines, painting with snow is an amazingly creative activity too! This works really well on brick walls, wooden fences, and big tree trunks. The texture of these materials holds on to handfuls of snow really well. Take the time to show your toddler how to make designs and patterns. For older kids, make a target for them to throw the snowballs at!


Obstacle Courses

Snow makes building obstacle courses so much fun. Gather random items like a plank of wood or a hula hoop, some ski pants and waterproof mittens. Using your items of choice, create a path for the kids to run, jump, crawl, and push through! Utilize the snow to create hills, walls, and mounds to jump from. Time the kids, set up races, or see who can do the whole course without touching any of the items. This can entertain the little ones for hours!


Track Hunts and Winter Wildlife Spies

This one is great for kids with a particularly wild imagination. If you live in an area with lots of footprints or wildlife tracks, bundle the kids up and follow them! It’s a great way to craft creative stories about who’s footprints they are. “This footprint walked into the post office; they must be a spy who gets their jobs through the mail!”. Following wildlife tracks is an amazing way to teach kids about the wild world around them, just be mindful not to touch the animals or the homes (if you find them).

Winter Play in Saskatchewan Doesn’t Have To Be Boring!


Just because Saskatchewan winter is cold, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Ensuring the kids are wrapped up tightly and take breaks inside as often as needed! Getting home after a fun winter’s activity and having a warm mug of hot chocolate is a perfect way to wind down.