Winter Maintenance

Winter Splash Park Maintenance

We do realize that winter maintenance is not a super exciting topic. On a scale of boring, winter maintenance ranks somewhere between proper tooth flossing techniques and pet vaccinations. The thing is, it can save a lot of damage, cost and stress. So… maybe this is worth a read after all!?

Your splash park is a giant investment. You likely had to fundraise and apply for grants and work towards this purchase for a long time. And, although the fun is above ground, much of the worth is beneath the concrete! Keeping up with some basic maintenance will go a long way towards protecting your investment.

We won’t get into highschool physics lessons here, but when temperatures drop and water left in pipes and fixtures freezes and expands, bad things can happen. The expansion can mean burst pipes and costly, time consuming repairs including ripping up concrete and starting from scratch. Water freezing in the irrigation system will break pipes, fittings, valves, sprinklers, pumps, and other system components.


To properly blow out the water lines that lead to the spray pad, you can determine the gallons per minute (GPM) flow through each zone and then determine the best sized air compressor. Backflow preventer and solenoids should also be cleared with pressurized air and features should be protected with winter plugs.

If that just made your head hurt, you are not alone! We want your community to enjoy your wonderful splash park for as long as possible, and that is why we are offering winter maintenance packages to our customers.  

After choosing the right professional to blow out the lines, there are some simple things you can do to help lengthen the lifetime of your park. Thanks to our forward-thinking manufacturer, Waterplay®, the nozzles on your spray park are easy to clean and maintain. Waterplay uses the same technology used in underground mining for the nozzles, unlike many of our competitors who use steel and brass combinations that can fuse together over time.

This means that plain old soap and water will clean up any calcification that might have built up over the summer. It’s good practice to have a look at these pieces in the spring and fall, and periodically through high-use times. This technology also means that changing out features is easily done.

So, some routine maintenance on nozzles and sprayers will go a long way to ensure that the spray park lasts as long as the 25-year stainless steel guarantee!

Thank you for reading this public service announcement! We promise the next post will be much more exciting.